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Websites, custom support with solutions to match your individual needs.
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Remote Support
Secure Wireless Network (Certified Dell)
Microsoft Access Database - solutions for Small Business Productivity
New PC Installation (Certified Dell Installer)
Computer Security - add security to a productivity solution.
Data Integration support, when using data between two software packages.
Microsoft Office training, both in group and individual settings.
Network Support, affordable, secure solutions for small peer-to-peer
Electronic Scrapbook - PowerPoint and Macromedia Slide Show Presentation
... and many other productivity solutions

We help our Cincinnati Area Clients who want quick,
reasonably priced support.

Dell Customer Satisfaction Ratings (scale 1 to 9):

I think that she was timely and considerate. She got everything up. She asked me questions to make sure that I understood what she was doing. I think she was very professional. She knew everything that she needed to know. She was very informed and helpful. I don't know ...

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Marcia Oganowski, Software Pro Techs
Serving the Greater Cincinnati Area
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Webmaster: info at softwareprotechs dot com