Software Pro Techs

Software Pro Techs provides innovative and custom computer solutions to its Cincinnati Area customers.

Software Pro Techs provides quality, custom service to support your computing needs, at your site, at affordable prices. We offer PC repair and installation, training, programming services, website development and MS Access database support. We can help with all your MSOfficeŽ, PC support needs, and much, much more. Our computer security professional can help you attain the secure computing environment you need.

  • Microsoft Partner
  • Certified Installer for DellŽ
  • ToshibaŽ Certified


To become unparalleled in providing quality service for our clients in a supportive way that solves problems quickly and allows clients to easily succeed using their software and computer system with best security protection.

Company Profile

Software Pro Techs is a corporation that provides a unique service to its Cincinnati Area clients.  Custom, quality computer support and training  is now available to small businesses and to individuals at prices that are truly affordable.  Finally, expert assistance is available at reasonable prices.  We have no office or permanent staff costs--the savings go directly to the customer.  Many of our consultants are employed full-time in the computer industry and offer services through Software Pro Techs after hours and on weekends.  We may be a new company, but our collective experience is vast.

For outsourcing needs, our collective skill set covers many software packages.   We are not just a training support, not just troubleshooting or PC support, or just network support.  We deliver computer solutions


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