System downtime due to vulnerabilities will triple before 2008 (03/21/05).

According to Gartner, system downtime caused by software vulnerabilities will triple before 2008, if companies don't take proactive security steps. Companies that don't include security as a criterion when buying or developing software will witness downtime caused by security vulnerabilities increase from the 5 percent observed in 2004 to 15 percent in 2008.

So.. You installed your own wireless router.  IS IT Secure?  Half of the ones we tested are NOT secure.  Not only could you be loosing half your speed or more to poachers, if you have enabled file sharing to other computer in your network, they could all be at risk!


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Spyware is a general term for programs and registry changes that occur when you visit a website that contains this malicious code.  You may not be aware that your system is being infected.  Firewalls do not prevent the infection.  Unlike e-mail infections where the user has to open the attachment to become infected, spyware does not require to user to do anything except open the site in the browser.  It can be fairly easy to arrive at an infected site accidentally.  Typos in the address line are exactly the URL names these site use.  A perfect example of this this and  The first is a ligitimate government site, the second is an adult entertainment site.

Spyware is difficult to remove.

Even if you locate and remove the malicious spyware program file, the registry may have become altered when infected.  Even if you reinstall Windows, if you have not removed the registry item, the new installation will be come re-infected.  Some antivirus programs are starting to scan for Spyware.  But the best way to get rid of Spyware is to use an anti-spyware program such as Lavasoft's Ad-Aware,  Webroot's SpySweeper, or SpyBot Search & Destroy, copyrighted by Patrick M Kolla (watch out you don't download a spoofed copy of this program).  Actually, it is prudent to use more than one of these programs, since malicious code may temporarily get past one these packages, while getting caught by the other anti-spyware program.  The Professional version of Ad-Aware will constantly monitor your system and has a fee.  The personal version is free, but you have to remember to run it with regularity.


Fixing Winsock when it is invaded by Spyware

When spyware alters Winsock, it becomes part of the operating system for windows.  If it is removed, Windows will not work properly, when the operating system is reinstalled, Windows tries to restore the previous configuration, thus reintroducing the pointer to the malicious code, and bringing it back into the Winsock installation.

You can however force Windows to rebuild Winsock, by removing two registry keys. 

NOTE:  Altering the registry can cause your computer to stop functioning.  Always perform a full system backup before attempting to edit the registry.

Locate and delete:



Close the registry editor and reboot.  When Windows discovers these registry items are missing, it will recreate them, and correct the registry problem.


Cyber Cafe - Caution using Autofill

Use caution when using the Auto complete function in a cyber cafe.  This functionality of Internet Explorer enables information that is entered into a form to be saved to the computer.  While this is a convenience, so you do not have to fill in the same information every time, it also makes this private information available to be stolen from its saved location on the computer.   It usually is a good idea to turn off this feature on your own home computer, but you certainly want to make sure it is not captured on a system in a cyber cafe.

To disable Autofill in Internet Explorer:

    Tools/Internet Options/Content/AutoComplete... and clear all the check boxes. 

Like to Download Programs?

There are lots of interesting, useful and potentially dangerous programs available for download.  Before introducing a potential problem to you computer, you may want to check if program is known to harbor a malicious payload.  You can check a list of known Spyware Programs at Spychecker Website at www dot spywareguide dot com.


Firewall Protection

While most current firewalls will not guard against infection by spyware, firewalls are very useful in stopping the outbound communication from spyware.  Configure your firewall software  to restrict outbound traffic, instead of the usual default setting which trusts all outbound traffic. 



Links to Computer Security Websites

TYPE a . in place of "dot"  (WHY ? We do this so no automated webbot can automatically use the links for attack purposes)

www dot isafe dot org K-12 Cyber Security - A must if you have kids using the internet
www dot cert dot org Center for Internet Security Expertise.  A place to report incidents and understand vulnerabilities .  Risk assessment packages
www dot csrc dot nist dot gov National Institute of Standards and Technology/ Computer Security Resource Center
Information on Security Practices
www dot sans dot org SANS
Leading experts in computer security and security training
www dot ftc dot gov Learn more about the Recent Safeguard Rule that places further requirements on more companies that handle financial data to keep data secure and confidential.
www dot nsa dot gov National Security Agency
www dot niap dot nsa dot gov National Information Assurance Partnership
Evaluation and accreditation of security of hardware and software products
www dot icsalabs dot com ISCA Labs, Security related product certifications
www dot mcafee dot com Anti-virus, firewall and anti spam software. Free on-line virus scan
www dot symantec dot com Anti-virus, firewall and anti spam software
Free on-line virus scan
www dot zonelabs dot com Anti-virus and Internet Security Software
www dot pandasoftware dot com Anti-virus and Internet Security Software
Free on-line virus scan (see abov)
www dot trendmicro dot com Enterprise anti-virus, firewall solutions
Free on-line virus scan
free dot grisoft dot com/freeweb.php/doc/2/ Free Antivirus software for home user
www dot antiphishing dot org Anti_Phishing Working Group to see the latest Scams
lookstoogoodtobetrue dot com Current frauds and scams
www dot infragard dot net FBI community outreach
www dot htcia dot org International High Technology Crime Investigation Association
www dot rcfl dot gov Regional Computer Forensics Laboratory
www dot issa dot org Information Systems Security Association
www dot gocsi dot com Computer Security Institution
www dot ncmec dot org National Center for Missing and Exploited Children
www dot dhs dot gov Homeland Security, read daily open source report
Type . in place of "dot" --It's a security measure